Climatic Chambers and Controlled Environments
We don't sell machines, we are partners for climatic solutions. Our motivation is taking your projects further, delivering the features you need. Your own climate.
Plant Growth Chambers and Controlled Environment Rooms
Research in Plant Growth, Tissue Culture, Arabidopsis, Crop Sciences, Entomology, Algae, Seeds, Controlled Environment Agriculture and other Biotechnology applications.
Stability chambers and Environmental Stability Rooms
Stability and Photostability testing of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Foods & Beverages and Quality Control for products with exposure to different environmental conditions.
Environmental Testing Chambers
Temperature, Humidity and Climatic testing chambers for Aeronautics, Automotive, Building Materials, R&D laboratories and quality research institutes according to the highest quality and most demanding standards.
Controlled Environment Agriculture solution

At ARALAB we soon realized that our competitive advantage requires much more than the reliability of advanced machinery and fast servicing.


The research for new climate control technologies and the integration of highly specialized human resources allows us to ensure the development of new products and technical solutions. In Aralab’s Lab we develop specific monitoring and software tools that you only find in an Aralab chamber. Our ClimaPlus controllers and our FitoLog software allow real time monitoring, giving our technicians the necessary data to remotely carry out a fast (less than an hour), efficient diagnostic.


Sustainability is a matter of long term vision and intelligence. Aralab is fully committed to contribute to a smarter world, Our waste practices are environment friendly (separation, recycling and destruction of non-recyclable) Our construction materials, processes and cooling systems are CFC free and compliant with environmental UE norms and rules.

User Centred

Our range of climatic test chambers is fully user-oriented. We constantly look at the present and future needs of our customers all around the world. Customer projects are a determinant source of innovation and specialized knowledge. Continuous improvement and customer guidance are our main quality guidelines.


Our reputation has been built upon our ability to supply high quality products, incorporate innovative design concepts and is backed-up by a comprehensive after sales support service. Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification awarded by the Bureau Veritas on 2003, was a recognition of our performance and dedication. Our ISO 9001 certification has been regularly renovated and is currently valid until May 2018.